July 1st, 2012

Well this week was a little better. Monday we had dinner with the Jones family. They are very eclectic, and always have a different country as a theme for dinner. This time was Italy. Afterwards, he played the bagpipes for us. We did not have any lessons though.
Tuesday we met with a less active who is only less active because he has to work to send money to his family in Mexico. He even goes out for home teaching. He is really awesome and humble and faithful. The lesson was cut short because he got called into work on his day off. We also saw him the next morning because he moved down to another city in the south for work. He will have a better opportunity to attend church though. We had some amazing sloppy joe with the Ellers, and he made a German dessert. We then took some of the leftovers (of the dessert) to Alberto, to pay him back for making us flan awhile ago. We also had a cool chat with him about the Book of Mormon.

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June 25th Update

This week was alittle more successful. Tuesday we looked at family history stuff in order to be alittle more orientated for when we teach it to some investigators. Also, our neighbor, a really old lady, asked us about it and we are trying to hook her up with some help. We spent some time saying bye to a few elders and greeting the new ones. Wednesday we had a good lesson with our most progessing family. They both commited to the word of wisdom. He also is going to try and play basketball with us today. After that lesson, we had a really cool first lesson with a new investigator Rocky. He told us all about his past and he seems to have a lot of potential. We still haven’t seen that couple that got married because their daughter has been really sick. So them, and all our other lessons that day fell through.

Friday we had one of the best weekly planning sessions, so we were pumped for the day. But every lesson canceled for that day as well. We ended up having dinner with a less active. He made one of the best tasting meals that I have had in a while. He is pretty cool and served a mission. He is too focused on trying to make money in his business and is too lazy to drive to church.

Saturday we had lunch with a member. She made awesome waffles, hash browns, and eggs. Then we went and contacted a referal, but he wasnt there again. So I decided to go knock the door of a lady we had talked to before outside, but was not interested at the time. She let us right in before we said anything and we had a “preset” or a lesson that we use to explain our purpose and stuff. We gave them a book of mormon and set up another appointment…for the next day at 10 in the morning. Then we went and tracted a street. We are tracting streets even if we dont think they have spanish people, just to get more experience and help the english work since we dont have much. We had some pretty funny stuff happen. One little kid opened the door and said come in. We asked if his parents were home. He said yeah my dad is in there not sleeping. “Dad! come here! the gods are here and want to talk to you about god!” His dad responded, “No I’m sleeping” Kid, ” No youre not, come here!” Dad, “I’m busy” Kid ” You better get in here!” “Mom! Come here!” Mom, “No be quite we are busy right now” Kid ” I wouldnt do that!” We say we will just come back later, and I start to write our number on a card. Kid “Woah can I have one!”. That kid also had red stuff all over his face and was probably naked underneath a blanket he wrapped himself in. He was hilarious. We stopped by the Cooks to print some stuff and their youngest daughter gave us a bunch of crazy pens. I got a long barrel rifle, rudolf, syringe, and nerf gun pen. Then we had english class, which we are now shortening from 2 hours to 1. Then we attended a baptism.

Sunday morning we had a restauration lesson with the family we taught the day before. We also picked up their two daughters as investigators. Sunday school was really cool. The lesson was on the importance of teachers, how we are all teachers, and how to be better examples/teachers. We didnt leave church till like 4:30 because of counsel meeting. Our two lessons canceled as well. So we had dinner with the cooks and played a game. We wrote different sins on jenga blocks and as you sin more you get closer to collapsing.

– Jaime

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June 18th, 2012

Well since you are busy I wont expect a response. That is pretty cool about the podium, the members are a very very important part of the work, especially in english. I am staying here another transfer. But we think something crazy is going down next transfer, like maybe a new area opening. So that one will be intense.

Happy fathers day! I didn’t get to give a talk this time. I am going to send that present I promised Alex, and I am going to put some stuff in it for you. Don’t let him have it though till he writes me. I did get a package from Mrs Heidi. I am not going to wait to do the mission letter thing, I am just going to write my own.

This week we did a lot of service for the branch president. We bucked hay for a couple of hours, in the raging heat, wearing flannel. That was fun. I have pictures. We also helped set up a party at the church farm here. We handled some attractions and the sign in desk. Elder Erekson and I worked the sign in and ticket dispensing because there were a lot of Latinos.

We only had like 4 lessons this week. So when we weren’t doing service, we trackted. We found a bit of potential doing that. We will find out for sure this week. I went with the district leader on exchanges Wednesday in the blazing heat. I met some pretty interesting people. We talked to one guy sitting under a tree. He wasn’t too interested, but he thought I looked familiar. After riding away, we both deducted that he was selling drugs. But anyway, even though we didn’t even meet with Hugo and Nayeli, and only had 4 lessons, we feel like we had a successfull week because of trackting.

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June 11th, 2012

Well monday we played some hard basketball. I drank 2 whole pitchers of water. The lesson canceled for that night. Tuesday after the chiropractor, we were suppose to eat lunch with Aaron Rogers’ dad, but he didn’t answer the phone. That day we drove around some neighborhoods north of us looking for some latino houses. We couldn’t find any. The big lesson also canceled that night. Wednesday we had a fun district meeting and practiced a new door approach. We still haven’t had the chance to use it. That night we had 3 lessons set up, and 2 canceled. Ironically, they were both related to each other. The one that we had was pretty good. Thursday an Elder received his birthday present from Texas… a full brisket. So that morning we had at least a pound of brisket each. Then we had to sit in a hot trailer for a lesson and try not to fall asleep. Then the same person that has canceled 2 times canceled again. Saturday we had breakfast at an english ward activity, then went to a baptism afterwards expecting our investigators to show up. They didn’t. English class was fun though, we taught body parts. Church was really nice Sunday. The talks were nice, the branch president taught a fun Sunday school lesson about presidents of America, and a recently re-fellow shipped member gave the lesson priesthood. Hes a cool guy. Then we had dinner with presidents family and played some card games. As we parked the car at the next lessons house, she drove away. She turned around and told us we would have to reschedule for the next week. Today we hiked monkey face again, that trail that I have already sent pictures from, and played basketball.

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I have been posting photos on Facebook but some people can’t see them so I will be putting them here.




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June 4th, 2012

This week was a little better than last. We taught a lesson to Hugo and Nayeli that we haven’t taught before. It was about the importance of teaching and learning. But that was Tuesday and we haven’t taught them since. We did see them and their brother at a farmers market. Speaking of which. One day at the farmers market we saw: Hugo and Nayeli with his brother, and set up a time to see him, we saw the brother of another investigator and set something up with him, and spent time with a guy from Moldova. That day I also got my kilt. Friday we helped move Dr. Rogers to his new Chiropractic office. He is Aaron Rodgers’ dad, the pro footballer. That was fun, we are going to have lunch with him Tuesday. We had exchanges with the other Spanish elders Saturday. We tracted a good bit(they are always surprised when two white guys show up and speak Spanish), and explored an area up north that hadn’t been worked through by Spanish before. But there were no Spanish people. Then after English class, we did service for a less active, sanding drywall. It was a mess but we ate pizza.

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Model missionary



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Memorial Day, 2012

Well this week has been LONG. It has been really slow. Lots of lessons have canceled and no one returns calls. I have also been sick for a few days. My neck and back got to the point where I lost my appetite. Plus, I also got some sinus or allergy problems. But during that/this time, I have been able to just focus more on the work. It is kinda cool. Like normal when you are sick, you don’t want to do anything, even normally fun stuff. But since missionary work is above all that, you still have the desire to do it. So I have just been practicing lessons, thinking about finding activities, and reviewing Spanish constantly.

We only had 3 lessons. Hugo y Nayeli canceled like 3 times. We haven’t seen them in over a week. Wednesday we had zone conference from 9 to 3. That was pretty cool. Lots of learning and motivation. We are now designated like an hour a week outside of Pday to work on mormon.org. Im trying to finish my profile.

Today we are going to eat dinner at the fair and watch the demolition derby.

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May 22nd, 2012

Tuesday we had exchanges. I wanted Elder Schnitzius to come with me because he understands a little bit of Spanish. So….I got to drive for that day. It was pretty fun. I definitely drive better than both of my companions so far. But that day had a rough start, even though we ended with teaching four lessons and contacting two people. All district meetings are good, but this one actually made me take notes.

While eating at Hardee’s with a member, we talked to a guy who had been visited by missionaries in Chile. Now he’s here and doesn’t care too much about religion. But we got his address and such. That was pretty interesting. A few more lessons canceled this week. Both English classes canceled. One because they couldn’t come, the other because a family in the branch had their 25th wedding anniversary. Plus, Ritchie went down to Yuba city to baptize someone while I stayed at the party. Sunday we had PEC for awhile then couldn’t set up any lessons the rest of the day.

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May 7th

This last week was my companion’s last week in the field. So it was a combination of talking about home, prepping to take over, and cramming as much work in as we could. Well I dont really remember what happened monday. We had 3 things set up and I think they all fell through or something. We talked with a former investigator and she wanted to feed us. I went on exchanges in an English area with Elder Schnitzius. They are teaching someone who is designing some puzzle games for the iphone.

For district meeting, we had a small funeral for Mulleneaux. Thursday we had exchanges with the other spanish elders in the branch. We had lunch with a non member who wont take the lessons because she is really catholic, but loves the missionaries and gives us referrals. One of which was really cool. I saw this guy from a distance last saturday during service. I didn’t know who he was but I thought he was someone that I might have knocked into on exchanges a long time ago. But I didn’t say anything. So later that week I regretted not saying anything and then he drove by us. Then a while later I saw him somewhere else. Then the lady that I was just talking about whipped out a photo-album and there he was. I got his address and will hopefully see him this week. I got to go though. I will finish this update next week.

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