Hola Familia

Hola Familia,
I have arrived safely in the MTC. I have already had experience with the gift of tongues during Spanish class, so Spanish is less of a worry now. The schedule is more precise, and rules about studying are even more strict than I thought. But I’m ready to be pushed so the time will fly. Let everyone know that I am having fun. I need a list of mailing addresses for everyone. Make sure to just remind Alexander to write me whenever he wants. Well during the MTC, I can only write once a week and have designated times to do so. Until next time.

Your Elder

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One Response to Hola Familia

  1. Ray Snyder says:

    Hello Jamie glad to here that all is going well. I know it is alot of work. what you are doing is well werth the time that you are putting into it. Kind of like when I am working on my sunday school lesson. It takes time, but in the long run it is all for the Lord. You take care of youself. Talk to you later.
    Ray Snyder