August 27-Sept 2

Looking back, this week felt really long. Nothing happened monday besides Ritchie’s dentist appointment and football. Tuesday I was in my area with my dl Schnitzius for exchanges. We had an awesome day. We met some interesting people. We pulled up to a potential from a long time ago, before I was here, and I said “okay lets go”. Then Schnitzius said “alright gabriel”. That was the name of the person we were about to see, and I had never told him her name or anything. That was crazy.

We also went up to a referal’s house and even before we introduced ourselves, he told us to come in and sit down. He wasnt even the one that the other missionaries talked with, and he had never talked with missionaries before. He has been through a lot, has Cerebral Palsy, is handicapped, has had siblings die, and has a lot of doubt about life. We will fix that. We also sat outside of Joselio’s taco truck and talked to people for a while. We met a weird guy who talked about weird stuff and has been in jail for drugs. Fun times. Wednesday we had a good district meeting then went out to eat at a chinese buffet. Some of us did not have money and were going to borrow from other Elders. But a man came up to us and said he would pay for all 6 of us. That was a blessing. That night we taught the plan of salvation to crystal, who now has a baptismal date. She has a lot of her own beliefs that do not coincide with the bible, but is very open to learning, and what we teach fills in a lot of gaps in her understanding and helps he realize the truth.

Thursday was an awesome day. We had a couple who only got baptized 3 years ago come with us to 2 lessons. One with that family that we started teaching 6 or so weeks ago, and to that eternigator cruz. Both lessons were awesome and having members to lessons really boosts the efficacy and spirit (same thing). Friday we saw Paloma for the first time in a long time. She seems to have gotten better. She seems a little more happy, but still Paloma. Her crazy daughter that drives her nuts in calming down a bit. We also weekly planned then had another lesson with crystal. That one didnt go too hot. We started off just wanting to go over the creation story, she didnt know it for some reason( genesis 1 and 2). That turned into going over the 10 commandments, which… is sensitive. Which turned into some guilt for the less active members present and talking about praying to maria. Not good times.

Saturday we did some service and pulled out a lesson or two here and there. Sunday was legit. We got an awesome less active, and an investigator to come to church. That was the first one in like 2 transfers. Plus it was testimony meeting, and the class was good. We taught the young men third hour about missionary work. We also had 2 lessons, one of which was with Alberto who is awesome and living the Word of wisdom.

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