August 6-19

This week was a plain and simple service week. We had a lot of lessons fall through. Luckily, we filled them all up with service. Tuesday we helped the elderly neighbor of our branch president. We helped him dig a few small trenches, trim hedges, uproot some cement posts, and such. He then asked us if we would like a punching bag and a weight bench. The other elders we were with have been looking for a bag, and I have wanted a bench. We didn’t have time to get them that day, so he said we would get them the next time we come back to finish up (tomorrow). Wednesday we had exchanges. I had elder Casteel, the new one in the district. He is a spunky little guy. We did some service for a less active and then had to get the car serviced. Then we had dinner with a family all the way out in Corning, which is like a 25 min drive. Casteel does not speak Spanish, and the sister does not speak English. We loved the food, and we made him give the dinner thought. He read a few scriptures in Spanish and I translated the thought for him. He did a good job.

Thursday we help a less active in another ward pretty much all day. We went over and did a lot of trimming and cutting and such. She also had 10 other garbage bags of stuff to get rid of. So we went to the apartment and had lunch while we waited for him to call us. He took longer than he said he would. But we then went over and loaded up the truck and headed out to dump it. Both green dumps were closed already so the plan was to take them out in the middle of no where and dump. After heading out, he noticed he was low on gas and that he had an appointment to fix a guys truck. We headed back and waited around while he worked on a truck. Eventually, we made our way up the mountain and did some off roading to dump it all. We were a little late for dinner and showed up in our service clothes. Friday we had weekly planning and a lesson with luis. Saturday was the big day. We got up early to work out. Then we were going to play soccer with some investigators, but they didn’t play due to the olympics. So we decided to search for some moving vans to help out with. Quite early on, we found a family that had just started their move. They were really awesome and even right from the start, I felt like I had already known them. They had some other families there helping from their Bible study, but managed to take over most of the lifting. We went back and forth between their houses loading and everything. We spent all day until dinner helping them move. They were so grateful that we even went back over after dinner to help them with one last thing. Hopefully we will stay in contact and get to help them later. Dinner that night was at the reception for a member’s son. We had nachos. Sunday, Ritchie did not feel well so we left after Sacrament. I got some extra study time. Monday we played golf, basketball, and dodgeball, the real way. We had southern food for dinner with the Jones and did some service with some other elders.

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