August 6th Update

After pday monday, we had a farewell dinner at the cooks. We (including her daughter) told sister cook that I was leaving. She bought ribs again. Which meant I had to grill. She found out before we got there that I wasnt actually moving because Mulleneaux told her. But, another Spanish elder, Erekson, was actually leaving. So we celebrated his departure instead.

Tuesday we helped unpack the new Zone leader. He is the 3rd one that I have helped move in. Afterwards, we stopped by a few formers that I havn’t seen since Mulleneaux. We drove by ones house but he had just gotten out of his car, so we kept driving. But as I thought about it, I got a sharp pain in my chest. So I decided we should go talk to him. He was happy to see us and we even set up a time to come back and see him. After dinner, we stopped by to meet another new guy in the zone. Afterwards, we checked on our semi investigator that we never get to teach because he works all day, and when hes not working, he is helping out handicapped people. We talked to him at his truck and said that it would actually be a good time to stop by and talk regularly.

Wednesday we tracted some. Nothing special. Before we even said anything, this one guy said he was not interested. So we asked him “interested in what?” He said he used to live in Salt Lake City and is not interested. And we met a girl named Dusty. We actually had a member come with us to two lessons that night. They were both awesome. Then we actually had dinner with aunt and uncle, as we call them. We still stop by and see Mulleneaux’s aunt and uncle and we are kinda adopted into it. So we had fun, at pasta, and actually talked alittle bit about the Book of Mormon (they are not members that play in a Christian band).

Thursday morning we stopped by a dentist. Ritchie has been having some headaches that he thinks might be related to his teeth. They only took xrays and we have to go back later. After district meeting, we all went to a chinese buffet. Pretty much everyone got torn up by it, except me. I sort of had… the opposite reaction. I was even hungry that night. A member that sometimes comes to the branch because she speaks spanish gave us a lot of canned food and such. Oh it was great. We got a lot of fruit, stew, veggies, and even olives. We are pretty much set for the month. Two lessons fell through, but the one that did happen was amazing. The branch President came with us again to Rocky. He is a great guy, and has been through a lot, so kinda likes to talk. Once we finally got to the teaching part, we taught him about the Book of Mormon and its role in everything we teach and in ours lives. He works a lot and has a hard time sitting down and reading, but is interested in showing his faith, and learning about the scripture.

Friday not much happened beside teaching Bible stories in our English class. Saturday was a day that we went out and looked for service. We found some opportunities to help some members and a less active. But first we had to drive around for a while looking for moving trucks. We found some, but they were always done already. We had short lesson with a referal and set up a time to see him the next day. That night the branch had a baptism of the woman that got married last week. Erekson even got to come back and baptize her. It was the first convert baptism in the branch in a very long time. Sunday the first lesson that we set up didnt happen. But the family we usually teach on Sunday morning was definitely there… After beginning to explain how trials in life can be blessings, and bringing up adam and eve, they vented to us a problem they are having with one of their daughters. Needless to say, it was above our pay grade and all the help that we had to offer, which is really all they need, was assurance that the gospel and jesus can help with everything. Church was just a plain good day at church. Bearing your testimony does that. We saw the guy that we talked with yesterday. We were teaching about prayer and one of the investigators of the english elders sat in on the lesson. We had her bear her testimony, and we translated. She is an eastern star, the female version of the masons. It was quite an interesting lesson.

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