Update July 23rd 2012

Monday after pday we had dinner with the Jaimes. Sis jaime usually utilizes missionary dinners as an opportunity to experiment with cooking. Luckily, the stirfry was a sucess. Afterwards, we actually had a lesson with Cruz, the guy who we have had miracle lessons with that still doesn’t act upon anything. We reviewed a little bit of the Book of Mormon and set up a return for today. He has a kitten with 7 toes on his front two feet. Tuesday we went to an appartment complex to contact a referal and do some tracting. We set up a few return appointments for another set of Elders, but no Spanish speakers. We did however meet a Buddhist guy. He has served several years in the medical field and in a few wars, he still smokes, and bikes everywhere. He was an interesting guy, but not interested in truth.

We then went to a few more referals and had no success either. But we had like a 15 min chat with some super catholics. They talked really fast and barely gave us any room to talk. But we just listened and agreed on a few things. Then I asked her how much she believed in the Bible. She said it was the word of God. I asked if she believed it all, including prophets. She agreed. So I asked how great it would be to have a living day prophet in this time, and that there is one. She said that would be nice but believes there are a bunch of false ones like the Bible says. I then asked her how she would like to know for sure for her self that there is one here today called of God. She kinda stumbled in speach and got caught. She said that would be nice but she doubts it. I said she could know through pray and letting us meet with her but she acted like she was in a hurry to leave because she was confounded. But we gave her our number.

We also met with a less active return missionary. We use to visit him to teach his cousin. So we are going over there almost every day to do some scripture studies. Wednesday we had plans but appearantly nothing happened. Thursday we had an awesome district meeting about Book of Mormon anwsers to questions of the soul. We then went to a pizza place for buffet. I had 13 slices of pizza, but my comp and another elder had 26 each. They basically we incompacitated for the next few hours, so we had an exchange and I drove again. It was pretty fun. We went and visited some of his less actives, had a steak dinner, and had a sweet member present lesson with Rocky. We answered some of his questions and really taught him according to his needs instead of what we planned on teaching.

Then came the excitement. With only 44 miles of gas, we decided to drive up to an area that has always been too far for the other elders to bike. The sign said it was only 14 miles away. But we didn’t realize how steep it was going up. We got to low fuel at about half way there. So we were slightly freaking out some. It was also dark. I can’t really explain the car ride, but it was just a lot of fun. We were in nuetral pretty much the whole way back. Though we were stuck behind a lame driver who had his brakes on around every little corner going like 40 mph even though it was to go 50, we got up to 60 mph. We almost passed him in nuetral. Good times. Friday we weekly planned and met with Jesus, the less active. But we had exchanges with the other Spanish elders, so we left half way through. I returned with Reynolds and had some brownies his wifed cooked. We then talked for awhile about his mission and stuff he learned and his situation. Saturday was a pretty solid day. We had a lesson with luis, jesus, the family that we teach english, and Mulleneaux’s aunt and uncle. We went over there to help move some stuff from their upstairs and chat. They made us some scones. We exchanged back that night at a party for pioneers day.

Sunday Jesus gave a talk ( that only happens in the Spanish branch!). It was really cool to see him back at church. After dinner with the senior missionary couple, we had a lesson with Alberto and Aurora. It is always cool to meet with them. It was a pretty good week.

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