Update July 16th 2012

I’m going to start doing updates in their own separate subject to keep tract of them better. I think I will use them in the future.

Overall, this week was good. Monday we returned to a house we visited once before that we gave a Spanish Book of Mormon to and said they would prefer an English. She is really nice but doesn’t seem too interested yet. Tuesday we had a training meeting as a zone. We learned more about weekly planning and setting goals. About a week before hand, the zone leaders sent a voice-mail saying that we were getting ipads, and that we were having this training to learn how to use them. But it didn’t happen. Everyone was quite disappointed. Afterwards we filled out the biannual questionnaire about Preach my Gospel (I have now filled out 2). We stopped by a few potential’s houses but they weren’t there.

Dinner with the Jones! We always look forward to those. This time was just eclectic though, no certain theme. But we watched the trek video from the week before. Another set of elders called us and gave their phone to a Latino. So I talked to him and set up a return appointment. Wednesday we had interviews with President. That was a booster to morale and motivation. We talked about a lot of stuff like opening a new city that seems to be highly populated by Latinos that is in the zone, setting up a Mormon booth at the Thursday market down town, and setting up an English class out in Hamilton City. He also wanted to meet Hugo and Nayeli, but they weren’t home that night. We had dinner with a less active family that we forgot to go eat with last week. They told us we would have to eat double, but I didn’t even get full. We had exchanges that night. The district leader came over to my area and I got to drive. That was a very eventful day. I played around the world with 2 other elders during a district/zone leader meeting. Then we went tracting in a middle class white area. So I could actually understand everything they were saying. We met some pretty interesting people, though none were interested. But the one person that said we could come back later, was a Spanish person. One guy did let us in and showed us some of his daughter’s art. We then had dinner with the Branch President. Nothing special, just some really good salsa.

The lesson with Rocky was awesome, he recommitted to baptism once he feels ready. Friday we had some lessons cancel, but we had a really good one with Luis about following the prophet and taught some Bible stories in English class. We didn’t have a dinner set so we kind of jokingly asked some other elders if we could go with them. They called her and said sure. So we had dinner with the Hmong and 1st ward elders. The member is actually a friend of the family that owns a taco truck and restaurant that we are working with. So we got to talk to her and learn some useful stuff about him.

Saturday we cleaned the church again. Then we finally had a lesson with that family that we have been trying to see on Sunday for the past 10 weeks. It went better than expected, they even gave us some tamales. The Hmong elders have been asking for some so we gave them to them. English class canceled but we managed to get a lesson in with a family that we didn’t get to see on Wednesday. That guy that I set an appointment with over the phone wasn’t home so we ate burritos. The lesson with Hugo and Nayeli was great. We read some scriptures from the Bible about the Apostacy and then rewatched the Restoration video. Sunday was the usual. We had a fireside that night for recent converts, investigators, and less actives. No one that we invited came, but Ritchie sang. It was cool to hear from everyone’s recent converts and see their investigators.

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