July 9th 2012

This week was odd. We started Monday off well with volleyball and a lesson. But Tuesday and Wednesday we had none. Tuesday, we couldn’t get a hold of anyone, and Wednesday was the 4th, so no one was available, and we avoided tracting because holidays are crazy here. So we stopped by the Family history center and talked to one of the workers, learned some new stuff, and worked a little on mormon.org. After district meeting, we all went to an investigator’s restaurant, but we went in and no one was there. So we went over to his taco truck and he said they were closed. He gave us the keys and we went over and locked his restaurant for him then ate at the truck. Besides that, Wednesday, all we did was have dinner with the Ellers and visited a missionary who hurt his ankle.

Thursday we moved a family with some english elders. I was in charge of the stacking and packing in the truck. It was one of my most solid games of tetris to date. Then we had dinner with the Jones again. This time it was Japan. We had sushi, calamari (not fried, yum) all the sauces, soy beans, buck wheat noodles, kelp to make our own sushi rolls, fried shrimp, and fruit. It was awesome. We then rushed over to have a lesson with Rocky. He is pretty interesting, with his past, and his view on life right now. We committed him to be baptized once he knows that this is all true, after teaching him about the gospel of Christ and proper baptism. He said he wants to learn more first.

Friday was the day of the branch party. But before the party, we had a lesson with Paloma. But Elder Ritchie distracted her hyper child while I taught her about prayer. It went pretty well until I noticed how swollen her daughter’s knee was. She said it didn’t hurt, but there were two small bites close to each other and Paloma freaked out. So we cut it short and she took her to the doctor. (Called yesterday and she said she is all fine). While driving through town I decided to call someone we met in Hardee’s awhile back because I thought I saw him texting outside the building. He didn’t answer.

The party was fun. Mulleneaux, my trainer who went home already, came back with another return missionary that served here and another member. They are all going to BYU together right now. So I got to see my only other companion, who has already gone home, which doesn’t happen much. I played some basketball, soccer, and horse shoes with some members and one of our investigators. Nayeli also came with Sofia and we talked for awhile. We might play tennis together soon. Mulleneaux’s aunt and uncle, who we have taught a few times, came. They are a hoot. I played all those sports in shirt and tie.
Saturday we cleaned the church. One of the members who used to be a cowboy (Mexican style) came up to us after cleaning out the spider webs, and pulled a huge black widow out of his pocket. He held it in his hand and let it crawl over him. We also had a lesson with Luis, the investigator that came to the party. It was a short simple one about the Sabbath day. We had to drive all the way up to Corning (35 mins) for dinner. But it was amazing. She made hard tacos, except they are tortillas fried together in the folded shape. Not like the lame hard tacos that I never eat. I had 10 of them. We also finally had english class.

SUNDAY. Crazy stories: #1 We had the usual lesson with that family before church. Except the mother didn’t talk or look us in the eyes the whole lesson, but the husband did, and talked more than normal. Church was normal, except we had two return missionaries. Afterwards, we go to see a family that we have been trying to see on Sundays every week since Ritchie got here. They said we can come over at 4 (usually 8) because they would definitely be there. They were, and so were their friends. So they still let us in, but we decided to just have a prayer with them since friends were there. But when we said we were going to pray, their friends stood up and said they will go stand outside for it. We said that its alright, they can stay and we can pray for them too, but they just walked out. After we prayed, before leaving, we asked the family what was up with their friends. They are Jehovah’s witnesses… The funniest thing is though, as we were walking up to the door earlier, Ritchie whispered Jehovah witness, out of no where. So when we walked away, I asked him how he knew. He didn’t know what I was talking about, and said he didn’t even know he said that.

#2. We were suppose to have dinner with a member. She is female so I said in order to eat with you, we need to eat outside, and she said fine. When it was about 30 mins till we were suppose to be there, she called and asked us where we wanted to eat. I said, you said we could eat outside, because you couldn’t find a friend. She said, yes, where do you want to eat. (all in spanish, I wasnt sure If I just wasnt understanding her correctly, so I gave the phone to Ritchie.) Same thing, he says we will meet her at her place, because she is picking up a friend. We get there, and she shows up with one of our investigators, Rocky. She say, do you want to ride with us or follow… I say, follow you….where? TO A RESTAURANT! So we say ok we will follow. We are freaking out in the car the whole time trying to figure out what to do. Its Sunday, we are missionaries, a member wants to take us to a restaurant, and she has an investigator with her. We called the district leaders, zone leaders, APs and even the president. No one answered. Luckily, when we pulled up the the restaurant, it was closed. So we told her we had an appointment soon and we will just have to eat with her another time. So we went to the Cooks and they gave us some pasta to cook.

Today I am going to try and write letters and catch up on journals.

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