June 25th – July 1st 2012

Thursday we had exchanges. I was on a bike in the english area again. We taught one of their new members and went tracking for awhile. We found a few people that said we could come back as well as someone who said she is related to Brigham Young, isnt a member, but her family is, and has been a Jehovah’s witness witness for awhile, but had a mental break down and stopped. We also had a really long lesson with a really cool guy. We explained pretty much the whole importance of our church, how to find answers, the role of the gospel in our trials, and talked about our personal lives. He has been through a lot and was pretty open to listening, as well as talking about his past. He trained with a hall of fame fighter from the UFC and had pictures with him, and is a part of his gym. We also got dropped by one of their investigators. So that was the first time I have been dropped, but at least it wasn’t one of mine. Everything canceled Friday again. We tried to stop by a few more potential families but they weren’t home. I bought some old fashion suit cases from a second hand store for really cheap. Thrift shopping is amazing as a missionary. We had dinner with the Arevalos and got a referral.

Saturday we checked on that referral, but she said to come back when her husband is home. English class canceled again. We had dinner with the Cooks after we couldn’t find any success. Then Nayeli says that Sofia is okay and that we can come over. But we got there and knocked the door and no one answered, so we left a family history pamphlet and left. But right as we drove out of the neighborhood, she calls and says to come back, they didn’t hear us knock. So we went back and taught a little about family history and how important it is. It was the first time either of us taught that lesson, but it was awesome and they gave us some amazing comments. Sunday we had a good lesson in the morning before church with the new family. They are a little slower to understand and less active in the lessons, but still made a few good comments. Everything canceled after church as well. But we did have some amazing hamburgers with a member.
That was the rest of the week of 6/25- 7/1

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