July 1st, 2012

Well this week was a little better. Monday we had dinner with the Jones family. They are very eclectic, and always have a different country as a theme for dinner. This time was Italy. Afterwards, he played the bagpipes for us. We did not have any lessons though.
Tuesday we met with a less active who is only less active because he has to work to send money to his family in Mexico. He even goes out for home teaching. He is really awesome and humble and faithful. The lesson was cut short because he got called into work on his day off. We also saw him the next morning because he moved down to another city in the south for work. He will have a better opportunity to attend church though. We had some amazing sloppy joe with the Ellers, and he made a German dessert. We then took some of the leftovers (of the dessert) to Alberto, to pay him back for making us flan awhile ago. We also had a cool chat with him about the Book of Mormon.

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