June 25th Update

This week was alittle more successful. Tuesday we looked at family history stuff in order to be alittle more orientated for when we teach it to some investigators. Also, our neighbor, a really old lady, asked us about it and we are trying to hook her up with some help. We spent some time saying bye to a few elders and greeting the new ones. Wednesday we had a good lesson with our most progessing family. They both commited to the word of wisdom. He also is going to try and play basketball with us today. After that lesson, we had a really cool first lesson with a new investigator Rocky. He told us all about his past and he seems to have a lot of potential. We still haven’t seen that couple that got married because their daughter has been really sick. So them, and all our other lessons that day fell through.

Friday we had one of the best weekly planning sessions, so we were pumped for the day. But every lesson canceled for that day as well. We ended up having dinner with a less active. He made one of the best tasting meals that I have had in a while. He is pretty cool and served a mission. He is too focused on trying to make money in his business and is too lazy to drive to church.

Saturday we had lunch with a member. She made awesome waffles, hash browns, and eggs. Then we went and contacted a referal, but he wasnt there again. So I decided to go knock the door of a lady we had talked to before outside, but was not interested at the time. She let us right in before we said anything and we had a “preset” or a lesson that we use to explain our purpose and stuff. We gave them a book of mormon and set up another appointment…for the next day at 10 in the morning. Then we went and tracted a street. We are tracting streets even if we dont think they have spanish people, just to get more experience and help the english work since we dont have much. We had some pretty funny stuff happen. One little kid opened the door and said come in. We asked if his parents were home. He said yeah my dad is in there not sleeping. “Dad! come here! the gods are here and want to talk to you about god!” His dad responded, “No I’m sleeping” Kid, ” No youre not, come here!” Dad, “I’m busy” Kid ” You better get in here!” “Mom! Come here!” Mom, “No be quite we are busy right now” Kid ” I wouldnt do that!” We say we will just come back later, and I start to write our number on a card. Kid “Woah can I have one!”. That kid also had red stuff all over his face and was probably naked underneath a blanket he wrapped himself in. He was hilarious. We stopped by the Cooks to print some stuff and their youngest daughter gave us a bunch of crazy pens. I got a long barrel rifle, rudolf, syringe, and nerf gun pen. Then we had english class, which we are now shortening from 2 hours to 1. Then we attended a baptism.

Sunday morning we had a restauration lesson with the family we taught the day before. We also picked up their two daughters as investigators. Sunday school was really cool. The lesson was on the importance of teachers, how we are all teachers, and how to be better examples/teachers. We didnt leave church till like 4:30 because of counsel meeting. Our two lessons canceled as well. So we had dinner with the cooks and played a game. We wrote different sins on jenga blocks and as you sin more you get closer to collapsing.

– Jaime

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