June 18th, 2012

Well since you are busy I wont expect a response. That is pretty cool about the podium, the members are a very very important part of the work, especially in english. I am staying here another transfer. But we think something crazy is going down next transfer, like maybe a new area opening. So that one will be intense.

Happy fathers day! I didn’t get to give a talk this time. I am going to send that present I promised Alex, and I am going to put some stuff in it for you. Don’t let him have it though till he writes me. I did get a package from Mrs Heidi. I am not going to wait to do the mission letter thing, I am just going to write my own.

This week we did a lot of service for the branch president. We bucked hay for a couple of hours, in the raging heat, wearing flannel. That was fun. I have pictures. We also helped set up a party at the church farm here. We handled some attractions and the sign in desk. Elder Erekson and I worked the sign in and ticket dispensing because there were a lot of Latinos.

We only had like 4 lessons this week. So when we weren’t doing service, we trackted. We found a bit of potential doing that. We will find out for sure this week. I went with the district leader on exchanges Wednesday in the blazing heat. I met some pretty interesting people. We talked to one guy sitting under a tree. He wasn’t too interested, but he thought I looked familiar. After riding away, we both deducted that he was selling drugs. But anyway, even though we didn’t even meet with Hugo and Nayeli, and only had 4 lessons, we feel like we had a successfull week because of trackting.

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