June 4th, 2012

This week was a little better than last. We taught a lesson to Hugo and Nayeli that we haven’t taught before. It was about the importance of teaching and learning. But that was Tuesday and we haven’t taught them since. We did see them and their brother at a farmers market. Speaking of which. One day at the farmers market we saw: Hugo and Nayeli with his brother, and set up a time to see him, we saw the brother of another investigator and set something up with him, and spent time with a guy from Moldova. That day I also got my kilt. Friday we helped move Dr. Rogers to his new Chiropractic office. He is Aaron Rodgers’ dad, the pro footballer. That was fun, we are going to have lunch with him Tuesday. We had exchanges with the other Spanish elders Saturday. We tracted a good bit(they are always surprised when two white guys show up and speak Spanish), and explored an area up north that hadn’t been worked through by Spanish before. But there were no Spanish people. Then after English class, we did service for a less active, sanding drywall. It was a mess but we ate pizza.

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