Memorial Day, 2012

Well this week has been LONG. It has been really slow. Lots of lessons have canceled and no one returns calls. I have also been sick for a few days. My neck and back got to the point where I lost my appetite. Plus, I also got some sinus or allergy problems. But during that/this time, I have been able to just focus more on the work. It is kinda cool. Like normal when you are sick, you don’t want to do anything, even normally fun stuff. But since missionary work is above all that, you still have the desire to do it. So I have just been practicing lessons, thinking about finding activities, and reviewing Spanish constantly.

We only had 3 lessons. Hugo y Nayeli canceled like 3 times. We haven’t seen them in over a week. Wednesday we had zone conference from 9 to 3. That was pretty cool. Lots of learning and motivation. We are now designated like an hour a week outside of Pday to work on Im trying to finish my profile.

Today we are going to eat dinner at the fair and watch the demolition derby.

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