May 22nd, 2012

Tuesday we had exchanges. I wanted Elder Schnitzius to come with me because he understands a little bit of Spanish. So….I got to drive for that day. It was pretty fun. I definitely drive better than both of my companions so far. But that day had a rough start, even though we ended with teaching four lessons and contacting two people. All district meetings are good, but this one actually made me take notes.

While eating at Hardee’s with a member, we talked to a guy who had been visited by missionaries in Chile. Now he’s here and doesn’t care too much about religion. But we got his address and such. That was pretty interesting. A few more lessons canceled this week. Both English classes canceled. One because they couldn’t come, the other because a family in the branch had their 25th wedding anniversary. Plus, Ritchie went down to Yuba city to baptize someone while I stayed at the party. Sunday we had PEC for awhile then couldn’t set up any lessons the rest of the day.

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