May 7th

This last week was my companion’s last week in the field. So it was a combination of talking about home, prepping to take over, and cramming as much work in as we could. Well I dont really remember what happened monday. We had 3 things set up and I think they all fell through or something. We talked with a former investigator and she wanted to feed us. I went on exchanges in an English area with Elder Schnitzius. They are teaching someone who is designing some puzzle games for the iphone.

For district meeting, we had a small funeral for Mulleneaux. Thursday we had exchanges with the other spanish elders in the branch. We had lunch with a non member who wont take the lessons because she is really catholic, but loves the missionaries and gives us referrals. One of which was really cool. I saw this guy from a distance last saturday during service. I didn’t know who he was but I thought he was someone that I might have knocked into on exchanges a long time ago. But I didn’t say anything. So later that week I regretted not saying anything and then he drove by us. Then a while later I saw him somewhere else. Then the lady that I was just talking about whipped out a photo-album and there he was. I got his address and will hopefully see him this week. I got to go though. I will finish this update next week.

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One Response to May 7th

  1. Suzanne Crockett says:

    I came across this blog looking for blogs about the California Roseville Mission. I’m so excited to finally know someone who is speaking Spanish. My son Elder Crockett from Riverton, Utah just arrived in Roseville on Tuesday and is Spanish speaking. Maybe they will be companions someday. I’m also wanting to start a blog for him so I have enjoyed looking at yours.