April 30th

Shepards pie was pretty good. It wasnt quite as good as yours, but still good. Sis cook, ironically, cant cook anything at all. So her one little duty of putting in the redhot, well, she put in like half a bottle. It was nice and tangy. This is my companion’s last week in the mission. And he is sick with crazy allergies, so it has been tough for us. We had dinner with his aunt and uncle that live here and arent members. They are pretty wild. We talk about some scotish stuff and the went to the games last saturday. They bought me an armstrong kilt. I havnt seen it yet because it had to be special ordered. The next day (wednesday) we had dinner with a member family who travels everywhere, and we talked about scotish stuff again. We went to a buffet with a family that use to be in the branch. I now can hit 160 lbs, but I cant see a difference yet ( its all muscle).

We did a little bit of service with that family that we spent Easter with. He is really cool and should be our next baptismal date. The other family had to move their date for some reasons but it will hopefully be this saturday before the branch Cinco de Mayo party.

The Cooks have invited Mully’s aunt and uncle over to dinner a few times, but Mully never tells them. So friday, one of the cooks had dinner with us and His aunt and uncle and cousin. It was a ball, and we had some old russian food. Its like ravioli, but with cottage cheese and is covered wtih browed butter. But that dinner was just a prep dinner for when they come to the Cook’s house. Because both families are pretty wild and crazy, so it will be an interesting night this next sunday.

Saturday we did the Mormon helping hands for 4 hours. We just shoveled and spread sand over a soccerfield. It was pretty lame, but a good workout. Along with the other little projects, we saved the college $35K. Afterwards, one of Mully’s family friends took a bunch of the missionaries out to Olivegarden.

Sunday I gave a talk about prophets and helped out in primary. Primary is normally crazy because of the kids and lack of teachers, but since it was 5th sunday, the adults went to class and the youth had to handle the kids. They are pretty roudy. For dinner, we went and ate sammiches at a park with the Cooks and another family. Our lesson for that night canceled. This week is going to be pretty good, with all the stuff we have set already. Plus everyone wants to feed us for Mully’s last week.

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