April 23rd

This week wasn’t too eventful, or successful but it was fun. We did more service for a less active. She took us out to a chinese buffet, and a lot of hispanics were looking at us weird because we were 2 white boys talking spanish with a latino. We had a cool district meeting, but we didn’t get to apply anything because we didn’t have any lessons that day. We did stop by a former of Mulleneaux on the way back from dinner. It was one of those situations where I just played with the kids while he talked about stuff. The dinner we had was fun. We talked about all the crazy stuff missionaries have done in the past. We have had two lessons with the cousin of Bryan, the future missionary that we always take out with us. His cousin is really chill, and has done very well with the situation he is in. He has had a rough past, and since he is latino, there is a lot of gang pressure. But he has avoided all of it and sticks up for people at school. He wants to do the right thing, and even though is mom is Super catholic, he asked if he can start taking the lessons.

We knocked this one guys door because he had a flag with the Guadalupe on it. He told us to hang on a minute and left to get 2 Guadalupe necklaces and told us to read the card and come back wearing them if we want to talk to him. He says we dont know anything, and dont know why we are here, and that Guadalupe is the Mother, and Jesus is the Father. But normally, Guadalupe is the mother of Jesus. So he was pretty crazy and never let us talk.

Friday, we helped the zone leaders move out of a members house, and into our same complex. So they are within walking distance. We had a lesson with the couple that might get baptized next sunday, but it didn’t turn out too great. It wasn’t bad, but we just didn’t feel right afterwards. Even though we reviewed the restoration, he got back on the subject of tithing. It might be a problem, but they will be baptized eventually. Saturday we cleaned the building. Mulleneaux got a really nice ralph lauren suit from a english member, for only 12$.

We translated from English to spanish for conference. I only did the prayers. Sunday, I grilled 5 racks of ribs and 20 chicken breasts for everyone at the Cook’s house. It took awhile, but was fun.
We played 6 holes of golf today and are about to go play capture the flag.

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