April 17th

So last monday, my companion received a minor concusion during basketball. Luckily we didnt have anything set quite yet for that night, so we went over to the branch Presidents house to help, rather so I could help, them move stuff. Afterwards, I played around again with the kids while Mulleneaux rested and talked. The husband of the family that we are teaching english to called us and asked us to visit a friend with him. He is on a breathing machine due to a rare disease and drinks a lot of wine to try and die faster. It is a really sad situation, but our chat with him was pretty powerful, and a kick of reality. But sadly, he was under the influence so he couldnt feel anything we were saying and would repeat a lot of stuff while we were trying to talk. At the very end, as we were leaving, he said that a long time ago he was baptized mormon. He ended up going to the hospital again the next day for like the 44th time.

The investigating family that had us over for Easter taught us how to make flan. Its like a mexican cheesecake. And with the lesson we had afterwards, they commited to baptism when they come to know that these things are true. We had interviews with the Mission president. My first time, so I was kinda nervous. But he is a really cool guy, really young for a Mission President. Maybe younger than you. His oldest is only like 16.

We had exchanges saturday…With non spanish elders. I stayed in our area and had to be in charge of everything. Including speaking to everyone. We didnt have any lessons set, so we went and tracked an apartment complex, knocking doors. That actually turned out well.

Now the kicker was yesterday on pday. We went to a slaughterhouse in the morning. That was interesting. Ill send pictures eventually. We finally got to play football, and it turned out great. But at dinner with a member family, we ate a type of soup, posole?, with pork in it (my favorite dish). The new elder that came last transfer, one that went to the slaughterhouse with us, could not eat any of it, so I ate his too.

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One Response to April 17th

  1. Emily says:

    Sounds like a blast. Posole…that’s the dish that makes Matt feel sick every time its mentioned, and turned him off of corn for awhile. I guess he had a bad experience with it in Mexico. Glad all is well and that your spanish is improving..