Easter was great. We helped out in the primary, then one family hid baskets for the missionaries. One of our investigators invited us to his birthday party right after church. So we went over there thinking it would be awkward (mexicans, 2 parties at one time, people we dont know). But we had a great time getting to know them better as well as their brother and sister, who we might start teaching. I play with all the kids a lot, and we hid the eggs. We were there for like 3 hours. They made awsome carne asada and beans. Afterwards we went to a lesson with another family, the one that is connected to the 2 others, thinking it would be normal lesson. It was also a party with one of the other families, and then another brother and family that we havnt met yet. That one was alittle awkward, but it was ok.
Well, that was Easter. We did a lot of service this week. I did a few hours for 3 days, and my companion did another day after that because of exchanges. We basically cut down a forrest. We got to use some powertools. One of those days, we had a Thanksgiving dinner; turkey, beans, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.
Friday…we…had…a wedding. That family that is really progressing and prepared got married. I would send you pictures of it, but someone is on the computer with dropbox. It was really good, but really small because she is shy. Originally it was just going to be whatever they needed to do to be legally married to live the law of chastity, but when she went shopping with the Cooks, she got excited and got a dress and let us decorate the room. The Cooks are a reall cool family that might call you to get some recipes like shepards pie. So dont be alarmed if they call or do anything else weird.
Well I hope that was a decent weekly update. Thats a good picture of everyone.

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