Getting ready to leave

Jaime will be leaving Valentine’s Day for his Roseville, CA mission. He has been able to email back and forth half a dozen times since last night. He was looking for some paperwork and letting us know about getting his part B hep shot tomorrow. He said it is only a 45 minute flight.

The socks really help. It seems like I have athletes foot, but it doesnt itch at all. Tell here I said thanks.
I slammed my finger in the door the night before, and it hurt all through my arm. So much that I stayed up till 5:30. and woke up at 6:30 and went through the day. We got to walk over to BYU to get it checked out. Poked my nail and a bunch of blood came out.
We are the oldest district here now (in our zone). Some Elders is 2 other districts had visa problems and were suppose to leave last week. But they have temporary assignments now until they get them.
For the temple today, we just got dressed and sat in the celestial room for an hour.
Finally met some more people going to Roseville, but they are different languages, like english or some southeastern chinese.
I just got he package slip, haven’t picked it up yet.

Thanks. At the moment, I cant find those papers about driving stuff. And I remember that there were somethings that I cant fill out from memory. So look at the forms and if there are specifics, ill need you to find that stuff. I can barely remember anything outside of the MTC. Ill email you tomorrow after I look for them some more.

Its only a 45 min or so flight, and we go back a time zone. Ill try not to leave anything behind. The package is good, trying to eat it all. The heart is really cool. Are you still working on advances?

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One Response to Getting ready to leave

  1. Shirley Kennedy says:

    Happy Valentines Day to a wonderful young Missionary. We’re so happy for you and
    know that this will be a most rewarding experience. Before you know it, the
    time will fly by and your dear family and friends will be counting the hours til you’re
    on your way home.