Email from Jan 19th, 2012

I have been writing in my journal, but sometimes I forget. And once I go a few days without writing, I can never remember what happened, even just a few days before.
 We do a thing once a week called TRC, in which we teach actual members. We dont do normal lessons like we would with an investigator, though they will help with investigators in the future. So far we have taught revelation through the BoM, Prayer, and church attendance. Its cool because when the lesson goes right, we are able to actually help their lives. With one lady, about church attendance, we taught not only of the importance, but how she can help new members feel welcome. We committed her to be a sort of ambasador whenever she can.
 Sometimes I forget whether I have told you certain things that I have written in my journal. For the Christmas devotional, the guy who directed Mr. Kruger’s Christmas talked to us. He was here again on Tuesday and we got the watch a bunch of the Mormon commercials he has produced.
 Thats all I have for now, I need to go back through emails and journals to see what I missed. Good luck with work, keep Alexander in line. Maybe you can talk to him about running track or something in Highschool. Ill work on another letter for him about it. Love you all
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