Jan 12, 2012

I got the package. It was perfect, exactly the kinds I wanted. Russell M. Nelson spoke here the other day. I dont really know what to talk about, so I need questions to answer. Im in the laundry room so I dont have the last letter you sent. Has Alex straightened out at all? When you send me the old memory card back, make sure the pictures are still on there. You know the sock monster that eats socks when you wash them? It followed me here, Im missing one already and I have to wear a pair of church socks to gym. Ill finish emailing later, but I sent this so you can maybe reply by this evening.

I think spanish is coming along quite well, at least for teaching lessons. I dont really know many words that are used outside of a church conversation, but that will have to come in the field. Learning how to teach goes hand in hand with language becuase there are things that I want to say to teach someone, but am only able to say a few simple sentances (has gotten better though). I feel like being surrounded by Gospel helps keep it in my mind, but im no scholar. How do you have enough time now to make pens? That would be cool though.

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