Jaime’s first update

Jaime entered the MTC on Wed December 14th, 2011. We just received an email from Jaime on Saturday. Here is what he had to say:

Yeah we really dont have spare time at all. I havnt even had enough time to study Spanish or read any BoM or workbooks we received here. I had to stay up 45mins past lightsout to do my joural last night. We have already had to do 2 full sessions with an investigator in full Spanish. Sundays are not days of rest, they have the most scheduled events. There is a letter on the way, but I don’t remember what is in it. Dinner is at 4 pm, so any packages with food are always treats. But make sure they are not complete junk food, Im watching my figure. Due to the lack of writting time, tell Al that I got his letter and said thanks. I dont really even have the opportunity to take many pictures, infact I have taken none. I will get a few of my companion and district, but there really isnt much else to see, and we arent suppose to bring them into many buildings, and we pretty much spend most of the day in a single classroom. I could use that BYU shirt if you have found it, and if you have, send me a letter so I know if I need to buy one from the bookstore. Well my time is up, let everyone know that I do have time to read any letters I get, just not necessarily time to respond promptly. Love you all. Thursdays are my Pdays here.

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