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Email from Jan 19th, 2012

I have been writing in my journal, but sometimes I forget. And once I go a few days without writing, I can never remember what happened, even just a few days before. ¬†We do a thing once a week called … Continue reading

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Jan 12, 2012

I got the package. It was perfect, exactly the kinds I wanted. Russell M. Nelson spoke here the other day. I dont really know what to talk about, so I need questions to answer. Im in the laundry room so … Continue reading

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January 5th, 2012

I can’t even find anyone who knows what Roseville is. My companion is going to Philly, 3 others are going to Chicago and the other is going to Wisconsin. My companion is Wells, then there is Loertscher (wisc), Lavelua, Weston … Continue reading

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